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Моментално ве гледаме како гостин на форумот..

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-Предности на регистрираните членови се:
1.Не ги гледаат рекламите
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Регистрирајте се ....<
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Laseri na puskite

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Laseri na puskite Empty Laseri na puskite

Пишување  S i S on Сре 21 Jул - 19:32

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Admin Commands:

amx_lasers - toggles on and off lasers enabled
amx_laserbuying - toggles on and off laser buy requirements
amx_write_laserstats - forces laser stats to be printed to file on the next map change. ejl_laser_stats.ini file is not deleted. Note that the log file produced by this command is a text file which can be posted on your website.
amx_del_laserstats - prints laser stats to file immediately then deletes ejl_laser_stats.ini and clears all laser stats from memory

Client Command:

amx_firelasergun <color> - bind a key to it and use as fire button

// ******************  Laser Guns Settings  ******************

//0 to disable lasers, 1 to enable lasers
//amx_luds_lasers 1

//0 - disable laserstats, 1 - enable laserstats (CS Only)
//amx_laserstats_on 1

//0 - laser shots are free, 1 - laser shots cost "amx_laser_cost" (CS Only)
//amx_laser_buy 0

//Ammount of money taken each time you shoot the laser
//amx_laser_cost 100

//Temperature at which point your laser overheats and explodes thus killing you
//amx_laser_maxtemp 3440

//Number of laser shots given per round for free to clients when "amx_laser_buy" is 0
//amx_laser_ammo 50

//Default is set to use decals so there is an appearance of a burn where a laser
//shot strikes, but because HL has some decal inconsistencies from version to version,
//the wrong decals might be used making the plugin look stupid. Set this cvar to 0
//if you are having burn decal problems
//amx_laser_burndecals 1

//Default is set to allow invisble/nearly invisible laser beams. Set to 0 so
//clients cannot set their laser invisible
//amx_laser_allowinvis 1

//if mp_friendlyfire is 1 and this cvar is set to 0, this plugin will act as if
//friendlyfire is off... even if its on.
//amx_laser_obeyffcvar 1

//if friendlyfire is on, this sets the ammount of automatic retribution for
//shooting teammates in mirror damage stlye
//   0 = no damage to team hurter
//   1 = exact mirror damage to team hurter
//   2 = double damage to team hurter
//amx_laser_tkpunish1 1

//if friendlyfire is on, this sets the type of punishment given if you kill a certain
//number of teammates detemined by the cvar amx_laser_tkpunish3. Can be set 0, 1, or 2
//   0 = no action
//   1 = kick off server
//   2 = ban for 3 hours
//amx_laser_tkpunish2 1

//if friendlyfire is on, on killing this many of your teammates, the plugin takes
//the action set by amx_laser_tkpunish2 cvar
//amx_laser_tkpunish3 3

//for the laserstats, by default this plugin tries to track players stats by AUTHID, if
//set to 1, it will use IP addresses instead. If you run a lan server, the plugin
//auto-matically choses to track by IP address.
//amx_laser_trackbyip 0

//for the laserstats, if you do the command to write the stats to a file for display
//or wait for the one that is made auto-matically at the end of each month, you
//may want to hide players personal info like thier IP address. Default is to hide
//set to 1 to show IPs or AUTHIDs
//amx_laser_showip 0

//the higher this number is set, the worse a bot's laser aim will be.
//Set to 0 for bots to have near godlike laser aim. Default is 16
//amx_laser_botaimdiffuse 16

//This plugin will automatically detect if stats_loggin.amx is running
//and output log information in the same format when a player disconnects
//Setting this to 1 will force this output even if stats_logging.amx
//is not running which is useful for other mods that do not use it.

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